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Yoga - Pilates

Stretching, strengthening and relaxing are the main attributes of these modalities. Yoga primarily focuses on stretching, breathing and stilling the mind while Pilates’ main focus is on core strength. 
Both modalities effectively alleviate common office worker ailments such as back pain and hip and shoulder tension. Sessions most loved by staff are:

•    Pilates / Yoga on a mat* (45 - 60 min)   
•    Seated Yoga** (30 - 60 min)    

* The most recognised form of Pilates and Yoga.

** Suitable for large numbers in a small space or when employees are required to stay at their workstation.

Seated Yoga

Seated Yoga,  is an innovative and original way to practice yoga in the workplace.  Participants don’t need to change their clothes or leave their desk. Try a class and be an industry leader in this progressive approach to Corporate Wellness.  

Laughter Yoga

A gentle, hilarious aerobic work-out. Laughter Yoga is new, it’s fresh and dynamic plus it’s a zany original corporate activity.  This energising routine is based on the concept that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter.  These sessions are powerful when concluded with a Yoga Meditation and the experience often leads to a healthy emotional catharsis and also a feeling of release and joyfulness that can last for days.