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Taster Pack

Choose THREE activities from Group A and THREE Group B below to form a dynamic and
discounted package for your staff:

Group A - Meditation / Yoga / Pilates / Tai Chi / Chi Quong
Group B - Zumba / Belly Dancing / Bootcamp / Circuit / Boxercise

The combination of these activities will provide lots of energy and excitement in your workplace. It will
also help determine which service is most popular with your staff so that activity, can then be offered on
a regular.

12 week Corporate Health Program

When it comes to healthy and balanced employees this extensive 12 week program is created to get the most out of your budget. It includes the following services:

• An initial thorough health assessment for all participants.
• One Health Work Shop – Talk / Presentations specifically designed to meet the requirements of the group.
• One session of chair massage for each participant.
• An eight week exercise program tailored to the outcome of the participant’s health assessment.
• A health re-assessment for all participants including tips on how to stay healthy/fit.
• A final report for management with comments on the group’s achievements and improvements.

Alternatively, if you already know what services your staff would be most enthusiastic about and receptive to, please contact REJOOV and we can develop a personalised Package Program to suit your company’s needs.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible product, so please feel free to discuss any issues relevant to theme, seating arrangement, time available and even budget.

If you have an idea that isn’t mentioned in the above list, just contact us and we will arrange it for you.