Wellness Activities Beyond the Office

Raw Cooking Classes

Raw Food diets are much talked about.  Bring current health knowledge and some delicious sample of Raw Food to your next function or wellness day with your staff.


Picture this….. Participants enter the designated area and are greeted with the sounds of drumming from the organisers. They are invited to take a seat, pick up a drum (or other instrument) and join in.

These interactive sessions demonstrate team values such as listening to others and appreciating individual contributions’, in a fun and non-threatening environment. Delegates are left feeling energised and engaged and a lot more “in tune” with their fellow team members.  Within  the package we would include FREE mini drum gifts to take away….needless to say the kids at home will LUV em forever!

Goal of the session
Typically, the objectives of our sessions include:
• Ignite enthusiasm and motivation
• Create a session with 100% participation
• Demonstrate what can be achieved when everyone works together
• Create a fun (and productive) team environment
• Break through pre-existing norms and communication barriers
• Set the tone for the session following

Equipment – all provided
Large 60cm drums and hand percussion items, some Maracas / Tambourines etc.

30 min to 60 min recommended but can be shorter or longer to suit your event

Health Expo

Expo’s are a high impact, interactive and fun way to expose your staff to a variety of health services.
A Health Expo can be scheduled as a one off event or can be used to launch your Corporate Health Calender.  REJOOV can tailor the content and delivery of information according to your workplace requirements i.e. numbers to be assessed, available floor space etc.
Stalls can include:

Business Coaching

A business coach supports guides and challenges entrepreneurs and business owners to grow themselves and their businesses. Managing financial, professional, sales, marketing and business development can be overwhelming for even the most competent business-person.  Business coaches help their clients to identify, clarify and achieve goals, working through each step of the process and enabling them to become successful on their own terms.

Life Coaching

Have you ever tried to lose weight, get healthier, save money, improve your relationships or career... but failed to reach your goals?  Life coaching takes you from where you are to where  you want to be. Coaching is a partnership that supports and guides you towards positive change, helping you to overcome obstacles that have previously stood in your way.


All mentioned services can be supplied whilst cruising the swan river upon the Crystal Swan.

Alternative Stalls
Wellness talks (see Topic list)
Stress Management

Health Assessments
Blood pressure check
Cholesterol Check
Flexibility Test
Fitness Assessment
BMI test
Blood Glucose

Cooking / Food Prep Classes
Healthy Nutrition Presentations
Healthy Food Cooking Classes
Healthy Food Tasting
Non Alcoholic Cocktails
Raw Food Preparation
Raw Food Tasting

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