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Ripple Retreats

Thinking outside the ‘square’ and outside the ‘office’ - 
Taking your Rejoov Wellness Services to the next Level

Imagine – A day of growth and inspiration, where you can hit the pause button to balance and reinvigorate body, mind and spirit.  Sometimes it is nice to break the mould and experience something new, different and outside the usual work sphere. Ripple Retreats, created by Debbie and her daughter Ryoka provides just the experience you are after.

Ripple Retreats specialises in offering one-day retreats that provide the opportunity to truly step back from your day-to-day responsibilities, to decompress, realign and recharge - without ever needing to leave Perth. Ripple Retreats can be an amazing gift for staff, or a real difference maker for those who need to constantly perform at a high level.

We would be delighted to customise your private Retreat to create the perfect fit with your needs and vision.

Location ~
Our beautiful location in East Fremantle can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably. Alternatively, retreats can be offered at a venue of your choice.

Duration ~
The retreat can either be an entire day, or if time is at a premium, we can create a half day of magic.  

Activity and workshop options ~
• Yoga Instruction
• Introduction to Meditation
• Breathing Techniques
• Educational Talks about Diet and Healthy Living
• Stress Management Workshop
• Activities to foster Creativity and Inspiration
• Massage Treatments
• Healthy Foods & Fresh Juices
• Fitness Activities