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With an aim to educate and inspire, REJOOV delivers presentations and workshops on an extensive range of health topics. Whether you require a one-hour key note address or a half-day workshop, Rejoov can tailor the presentation to suit your needs. Please consult our separate information sheet for a complete list of the interesting and engaging topics available.

1 Optimising Your Metabolism
• Examines the factors that influence your metabolism.
• Practical diet and lifestyle tips to improve your metabolism.
• Includes self-assessment questions to help identify the factors that affect your metabolism.

2 Detoxing for Health and increased Energy
• How to optimise your detox pathways for increased energy, health and vitality.
• Discusses diet, liver, digestive health and nutrients for optimal detoxification.
• Participants are encouraged to bring along their questions for a lively discussion.
• Includes an interactive iridology activity.

3 Digestive Health – Improve Your Digestion
• An overview of the digestive system and its many roles in the body.
• Examines gut pain, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, loose stools.
• ‘What Stool AM I? – A fun look at the different types of bowel motions and what it means.

4 Nutrition for Everybody
• Nutrients that are frequently depleted, plus how to increase these in your diet.
• Practical tips to improve the quality of your diet and health.
• Participants are invited to ask their nutrition questions for an interactive discussion.
• Can include a zinc taste test for participants (additional fee of $25).

5 Power up your Immunity
• Which foods and vitamins enhance immunity?
• An insight in lifestyle choices that suppress your immunity.
• How viruses can cause illness.

6 Facts about Fats
• Good fats bad fats, which one is which.
• Omega 3, 6, 9, what is the difference between them.
• The liver and Fat/Lipid Metabolism.

7 Vitamins and Minerals
• Discusses the various vitamins and the food products we can find them in.
• It will be outlined in this seminar how minerals are digested.
• Why are minerals & Vitamins so important?

8 Juicing & Why?
• Benefits of juices, they are incredible.
• Includes the best and easiest juice recipes.

9 Antioxidants & Ageing
• Discusses the ageing theories and explains how the aging process works.
• The ‘secrets’ behind antioxidants.
• Foods to choose to delay the aging process.

10 Cooking for Ailments
• Food as medicine, using herbs and other natural products.
• Includes recipes for your arteries.
• Anti disease tactics, how to prevent disease.

11 Blood Group Diet
• The explanation of the blood groups A-B-O.
• Variations between blood diets.
• Weight loss and energy.

12 The science and nutrition of the mind
• What foods/practices enhance brain performance and hinders mental aging.      
• How do the habits of the Western diet lead to fatigue and memory loss.
• Foods which will nourish and support the brain.
• How can diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Depression and Cancer be avoided.

13 Blood sugar metabolism and the keys to even energy output
• What is the key to even and productive energy output throughout the day.
• By wise dietary and food choice we can bring our blood sugars back to a level playing field.
• What are the short/long term symptoms of blood sugar levels ‘out of control’?
• How to make simple adjustments which make a huge difference to your day’s performance

14 Feeling Happy?
• Provides practical tips to get happy.
• Looks at the physiological influences that can affect our mood and create a sense of anxiety,

  low  tolerance or flatness and what you can do about them.

15 Weight control
• In this seminar we discuss key factors which support weight loss.
• Why are some people successful in losing weight and others not?
• What are the blocks which can hinder weight loss?
• How does the digestive system play a role in weight control?

16 Organic Lifestyle
• Which chemicals do we find in our foods and what damage can they do.
• Why would we choose organic products?
• Organic shopping, what to look for.

17 The power of Positive Thinking
• Learn how the vibrations of a positive attitude help to improve relationships,
 happiness, better health, and general satisfaction.

18 Fighting Fatigue
• Understand the drivers of fatigue and how to address these.
• Provides practical tips for diet, nutrition and lifestyle factors to boost energy and lift fatigue.
• Discusses the influence of adrenal, thyroid and mitochondrial function on energy levels.
• Examines the importance of sleep and how to improve it.

19 Power up Your Sports Performance
• Diet and nutrition for athletes to improve their sports performance
• Discusses common nutritional oversights
• Practical tips to maximise sports training and support health for optimal performance.

20  Boosting Brain Health
• Includes new information on healthy aging strategies, improving concentration, mental focus

  and mood.
• Learn how the vibrations of a positive attitude help to improve relationships, happiness, better health,

  and general satisfaction.

21 Natural Therapies Workshop
• Includes an introduction into the various natural therapies, their use and application.

22 Stress less.  What is wrong with too much stress? (D/R)
• Stress is the body’s way of rising to a challenge. Over-stress is being locked in stress for too long

  and can create unwanted physical and psychological consequences.
• This workshop is full of education, meditation and personal assessment.
• Understand how over-stress relates to YOU.
• Awaken the ability to spot over-stress in ourselves and colleagues.
• Learn some simple positive actions to help you, family and work colleagues.

23 Stress Busters (R)(N)
• Loads of information on how to cope with stress.
• Includes practical worksheets to help address stress
• Nutritional, lifestyle and herbal tips to help manage stress and reduce it’s physiological impact on

  the body.

24 Work Life Balance (R)
For many people, Work-Life Balance can appear somewhat like the enchanted Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow… alluring, desirable – but always out of reach.  If your team is seeking more balance, peace or perspective in the juggling act we know as life, then this dynamic presentation could be just what you need:
• Innovative approach to Work-Life Balance.
• Melding best practice business strategies with NLP, yoga and FUN.
• Will engage and challenge you to reflect on your values, priorities and options.
• Empower you to approach life with clarity, presence and energy.

25 Stress Busters and Immune Boosters
• Practical, up to date information on how to cope with stress and boost your immune system.
• Discusses the common cold and flu, practical tips to avoid these and reduce their impact.

26  Diabetes Management
• In simple terms ‘how to manage Diabetes’
• Diabetes causes and effects.
• Pancreatic functions.
• Foods – the good and the bad.
• Natural medicines for diabetics.

27  Cancer Prevention
• What are carcinogens and how do they work.
• The progression of cancer.
• A discussion on how cancer be prevented.

28 Hormones, what do they do?
• Introduces the various hormones and their various roles in the body.
• How do they affect your moods, emotions, concentration, sleep, menstrual cycles etc.
• Looks at menopause – factors that can influence the duration and severity of menopause.
• Covers good nutrition for hormonal balance.

29 Natural Therapies Workshop
• Includes an introduction into the various natural therapies, their use and application.


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