Our services are simple... You call us and then relax, Rejoov will come to you.

Office massages can be anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes in length depending on your needs and preference. They can be done in a designated space like a board room or at individual workstations. We can provide either traditional table massage, or seated massages that are done fully clothed with no oils used. The focus of workplace massage is typically on neck, back and shoulders - but Rejoov has therapists that specialise in all aspects of massage therapy.

Rejoov can provide one therapist to service your booking or as many therapists as needed to effectively suit the needs of your team. Payments are typically coordinated by the organisation, but individual payments are possible. We always strive to work with any special requests you may have. Our priority is helping you relax and rejuvenate, and we can always customise our services to your needs.

1) Are Rejoov services covered by insurance?
Yes, all therapists are fully insured.

2) What parts of the body are massaged?
This depends on the massage you are receiving:

5 to 15 minute (workstation) generally covers the neck, shoulders and between the shoulder blades.  However, if you have a particular area of need such as RSI or headaches, our therapists will work with your requests. Perfect for a quick de-stress and mental re- group.

15 to 45 minute (ergonomic massage chair) brings relief to high tension areas (neck, shoulders and area between the shoulder blades), plus the arms and entire back. This treatment allows a little more time for sorting out tight and injured areas. Perfect for rejuvenation and promoting increased clarity.

30 to 90 minute (table massage) Whether in the workplace or at your home, the table massage  allows  time for a relaxing or therapeutic massage of the whole body.

3) Do people need a change of clothes or anything specific?
Rejoov will bring everything that is required for your massage… staff can simply stay in their clothes and nothing special is needed.

Table massage: Rejoov’s full body massages can be delivered with the client fully dressed or with their clothes removed down to their briefs.  This depends entirely on the person receiving the massage, the privacy of the room and management rules and regulations.  All our staff members are fully qualified and very professional.

4) Can Rejoov accommodate a large group?
Yes we can and this is one of Rejoov’s points of difference.  We have a team of fabulous therapists so we can cater for a 2 hour contract or a contract that might be 40 or 50 massage hours in one day.

5) Who pays for the service & how does payment work?
Our longevity in the wellness business and flexibility of service allow this to happen in whatever way suits your business.  However, payment generally has two main patterns.

1. Management pays: Rejoov will invoice your company after the massages have taken place.

2. Individuals pay: The company organising the workplace massages collects the money from the people receiving the massage. This works well in a smaller office.

Alternatively, the Rejoov therapists collect the money from each person as they massage them.

6) How do we get started?


 Phone: ​ 0438 069 862​