Corporate Massage Perth WA(workplace massage, seated massage, massage for the workplace, mobile massage, office massage)

Rejoov’s on site, corporate massage services in Perth WA are tailored to suit the needs of your company. Whether your Perth CBD or Perth suburb office is big or small, indoors or outdoors, traditional or totally unconventional – Rejoov will provide qualified corporate massage therapists to bring relaxation and energy to your team.

Our corporate massage therapists will visit you at your preferred Perth WA location, focusing on stress reduction and revitalisation. We provide either one massage therapist, or an entire team of therapists to work simultaneously throughout your office building. Rejoov will meet your needs whether you’re looking for a solution for ongoing stress reduction in the workplace, a one-time special event or a reward for your Perth team.

With Rejoov corporate massage Perth, expect an amazing experience each and every time we visit your organisation. Our talented team of corporate and table massage therapists are fully certified and highly experienced professionals, meaning you can count on Rejoov for an exceptional massage every time. Our Perth corporate massage price are competitive and we’re sure that you’ll be counting the minutes until your “Rejoov Time”.

Rates from $75 per hour

The Options…

Massages can be done at individual workstations or a designated space like a boardroom. Most often, office massage will focus on the neck, back and shoulder areas - and the person being massaged does not need to do or bring anything special. Massages are done fully clothed & no oils are used, unless you would prefer Rejoov’s deluxe full body massage treatment.

What to Expect?
Rejoov massage can be delivered in 3 different formats:
1. Workstation Massage, On site Massage
2. Chair Massage (Boardroom or private room)
3. Traditional Table Massage (Boardroom or private room)

Workstation Massage:
Employees simply remain at their workstations – and our therapists make their way around the office providing 5 to 15 minutes of blissful stress relief. These massages focus primarily on the upper back, neck and shoulder regions.  This reduces tension and improves overall wellbeing.

Chair Massage:
Re-energise and rejuvenate with a 15 to 45 minute massage in an ergonomically designed massage chair. This option allows for a comprehensive treatment of the back, neck, shoulders, head and arms. The benefits of this treatment are immediately noticeable, with elevated state of mood and mental clarity.

Traditional Table Massage:
Rejuvenate completely with a full body relaxation massage –without ever having to leave the office. This option allows you to enjoy the maximum physical and mental benefits of a 60 to 90 minute traditional massage, with minimal downtime. Rejoov will bring the complete spa experience to your office, providing comprehensive private treatment in a relaxing or therapeutic fashion.

(workplace massage, seated massage, massage for the workplace, mobile massage, office massage)


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