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Boxercise - Circuit Training - Boot Camp

These classes will challenge the fit amongst us whilst being suitable and accessible to those
who have lost a bit of tone and fitness through busy lives or injury.  If you want to get fit and
are looking for results in calorie burning and cardio stimulation then the dynamic, high-energy drills and exercises of these classes are perfect for you! These classes make for excellent team building activities and will get your staff super fit for any up-coming corporate challenges.


Zumba is loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow routines. What’s more, it’s new on the corporate activities calendar, so be one of the first companies to provide Zumba to your staff.

Belly Dancing

Many of us are familiar with belly dancing.  However few understand the health benefits it has on our bodies. The rolls, pivots and graceful hip drops utilise all muscles of the upper body which make it a great work-out.  Plus it’s great fun for your staff!

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