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Rejoov is a Perth-based company specializing in mobile corporate massage and wellness solutions. We believe that a healthy workplace is a happy workplace - and that happiness is central to attracting and retaining good people. Our goal is to provide your company with a seamless solution for wellness and stress reduction so that you can focus more fully on your goals. 

Rejoov has been in operation under the management of Naturopath Debbie Elton for nearly fifteen years, servicing clients in a vast range of sectors in offices big and small throughout Western Australia. Rejoov’s team of certified massage therapists are friendly, approachable, fully qualified and guaranteed to be insured. Rejoov therapists are passionate about their work and the opportunity to bring improved health and balance to others. Rejoov hires only experienced and certified professionals to ensure your team receives top-quality service in every respect. 

In addition to massage - Rejoov can help your office relax and recharge with a variety of other wellness programs including yoga, meditation, tai-chi, boot camp, fitness classes and more. We offer lunchbox talks and workshops on a variety of topics from healthy eating to stress reduction.   

Rejoov's founder is a qualified Naturopath with extensive expertise in stress reduction, optimal health and wellbeing. Her purpose and vision for Rejoov is to help create a healthy and happy work environment, where workers are excited, engaged and experience value and benefit from their work life.Type your paragraph here.

Debbie Elton
Debbie has been practicing Naturopathy, massage and health restoring techniques at her clinic in Edgewater since 1999. Her first academic move into alternative therapies came in 1980 when she studied Herbal Medicine in Broome. For more than 30 years Debbie has continued to study a range of alternative and mainstream healing approaches.   

Whilst living in Thailand, Debbie studied Thai Massage, Crystal Healing, Reiki and NLP.  Since returning to Perth Debbie’s passion for learning the healing arts has lead to the study of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and a variety of massage and healing modalities. 

Debbie is passionate about helping people to be the most healthy, vibrant version of themselves. This has led naturally into providing these and other wellness services to help educate and de-stress the workers of Perth.   

In 2000 Debbie delivered her first corporate massages. Australia’s boom or bust mentality has provided much wealth and productivity. Sometimes this extra workload makes it quite difficult to maintain balance. This is where Rejoov comes in.    

Balance.....'where no one part of our life disturbs another' 

When Debbie is not working, sitting cross legged in her favourite Ashram in India or travelling to new places, she keeps herself fit and active with an assortment of pursuits including surf ski paddling, yoga, swimming and the occasional jog.   

Debbie practices tithing (monthly donating 10% of income to charity) which is great news for you, because that means that indirectly you will also be part of this.  Currently, Debbie is donating to The Fred Hollows Foundation, Relay for Life and Gloria, an amazing woman with Sister Teresa energy and intent.  If you have a particular charity that you would like to share with Debbie, just call and have a chat.

Massage Therapists & Instructors
Rejoov Massage Therapists are a talented and passionate team of professionals committed to bringing enhanced health and vitality to their clients. All Rejoov therapists are fully certified, insured and have valid First Aid.

Instructors for Rejoov health services, fitness programs and workshops are likewise fully qualified in their respective disciplines.  Rejoov employs qualified Naturopaths, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Zumba instructors and Certified Yoga Teachers. 

Work for Rejoov
Are you a talented and passionate massage therapist or wellness professional?
We’d love to hear from you! 

Rejoov is always on the lookout for new recruits from a variety of disciplines including massage therapists, yoga teachers, and fitness instructors. Please send your resume

What sets us apart

With mobile office massage becoming increasingly popular in recent years, it can be difficult to know what makes one company better than the next. There are 3 things that really separate Rejoov from the pack:

1) Over 15 Years Expertise:​
With over fifteen years in the Perth market, Rejoov prides itself on providing outstanding quality and exceptional service every time we visit. Our therapists are all qualified and highly skilled.
We are prompt, professional, flexible and committed to making your "Rejoov Time" seamless
and enjoyable.

2) Custom Package to Fit Your Needs:
Rejoov understands that every office, team and budget is different. We can build a package to accommodate your needs whether you have a large or small office, want ongoing services,
a one-time treatment, or have a special event coming up which requires something with a real  "WOW" factor. We are happy to service events as well as worksites – and offer a wide range of wellness programs in addition to massage.

3) Rebalanced, Reenergised, Rejuvenated Clients:
At the end of the day, the most important thing is how we make people FEEL. Our passion at Rejoov is creating happier, healthier workplaces - and according to our clients, we've been making a pretty big difference around Perth:

“Our company has used Rejoov Massage for the past 2 years - and it's the single best investment we have ever made. The difference in morale, productivity and staff well-being is clearly noticeable, and Rejoov could not be more professional or accommodating for our needs.”
Joe, Leederville WA

“Rejoov is nothing short of fantastic! Our staff were drained and depleted after implementing a
new computer system. Rejoov made all the difference, bringing energy and life back to our team. Their therapists are both highly skilled and professional, and its amazing what they can do in just 10-15 minutes.”
Anne, Perth WA

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